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How We Got Started


Rosalind Ellerbee

HU BA '57


Constance Peak Covington HU BA '58


Promoting the Pursuit of Education

The Howard Club of Southwest Florida, Inc. was founded in March 2005 by Rosalind Ellerbee, HU BA ’57 and Constance Peak Covington, HU BA  ’58 in the Manasota area of Florida. They recognized that there was a large number of Howard University graduates, friends, and family of graduates living in southwest Florida who did not know each other. They also recognized that the community, businesses and educational institutions knew little about Howard University. The Howard Club's membership consists of alumni, family of alumni, friends, and supporters of Howard University. 

The Club seeks to promote knowledge of Howard University throughout the various communities of southwest Florida and promote fellowship and collegiality among its members. The Howard Club organizes fundraising activities to fund scholarships for high school students entering Howard University and college students attending Howard University.

A fundraising scholarship luncheon is given annually the week after the Charter Day celebration at the University. Some of the Club’s annual activities have included the fundraising scholarship luncheons given the week after the Charter Day celebration at the University. We have also hosted a SAT Workshop and a College Night for students. Most recently, The Club hosted a very successful fundraising cruise to the Bahamas.

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